we always wanted to be professional dancers

Photo by  T he Kentish Family

We Always Wanted To Be Professional Dancers is a new participatory performance work by live art collective Big One Little One – a joyful celebration of childhood dreams and second chances, like the most fun makeshift backyard concert you’ve ever been to (minus the bored parents).

We’ve been warming up and we’re ready to give these fantasies an all-out, all-in, red hot go, because we know it’s never too late to become a ballerina, learn to sing, or to show those girls who did that super awesome dance to Mya’s Case of the Ex when you were 15 that you’re just as cool as they are.

Dancers engages performers from 10 to 70 years old, including a community choir, youth theatre and dance groups.

Dancers will also continue Big One Little One’s tradition of providing participatory performance experiences for audiences, with participants playing a crucial role in helping the performers achieve their dreams while also having the opportunity to revisit their own childhood aspirations.


2016 Seasons

as part of Pick Me Up: A Microfestival of Live Art Performance Experiences
November 30, December 1, 2, 3,

ATYP Studios
Pier 4/5 Hickson Road
Walsh Bay 2000

With special guest Debra Griffiths
Featuring appearances by youth dancers from Sydney Dance Company, and songs by Can Beltos Choir.

Tickets on sale here now. Click here.


as part of Crack Theatre Festival
Friday 30 September 1.30 PM
The Jungle, 1/151 Hunter St Newcastle
Saturday 1 October 1.30 PM
Pivot Studio, 22 Newcomen St Newcastle


With special guest Nola Wallace
Featuring appearances by students from Tantrum Youth Arts, dancers from Catapult/Flipside, and songs by Can Beltos Choir.


Friday 9 September 7.30 PM
Saturday 10 September 7.30 PM

Bathurst Uniting Church Hall
140A William St
Bathurst, NSW 2795

With special guest Kathy Cameron
Featuring appearances by students from Beloved Monster Drama Co, dancers from Bathurst Academy of Dance, and songs by Can Beltos Choir.


Created by Big One Little One with special guest artists.