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Photo by Alicia Coffee

Photo by Alicia Coffee

Simultaneous online worldwide premiere, New Year’s Eve 2012

Inspired by the classic song by The Police, and filled with hope for all that 2013 may bring, we wanted to try something small and unique on New Year’s Eve that may just have an impact that is both personal and profound on everyone that chose to participate. We had a total of sixty-two participants from across the world contact us to let us know they had participated in the project – not bad for a little project that was only launched ten days prior to the event – and most of these participants documented their involvement which we then posted on our Facebook page.

Here’s how it worked…

We posted the idea for the project, with instructions, across multiple social media sites, with our main focus concentrated on Facebook. The rules were:

1) Find a bottle – preferably something that won’t cause further damage to the environment. Glass is always nice.

2) Write a note, or a letter, or draw something – something that relates to a hope or dream you have for the new year. Maybe it’s an action. Maybe it’s some advice for the person who finds it. Whatever it is, once it’s in the world you are responsible for honouring whatever you have written down or drawn. If a stranger finds this, you are responsible to them too. It’s up to you whether you want whoever finds it to respond to you. Include your email address, or if you’re afraid of strangers, why not give them ours (bigonelittle@gmail.com)?

3) Place the note in the bottle.

4) On Monday 31 December 2012, at any time of the day or night before the clock hits midnight, wherever you are in the world, find somewhere special near you and leave your message in the bottle for a stranger to find (or not find). Hide it in a library, squeeze it between rocks at a park, place it on a shelf in a supermarket, or throw it into the ocean.

5) Take a photo. Upload it to our Facebook page, email it to us, or just keep it for yourself.

6) Then it’s time to wait and see what happens…

Created by Big One Little One
Featuring over sixty participants worldwide