CALL OUT: Makeshift Choir

SYDNEY! We Need You For Our Choir! (singing ability optional)


Photo by  T he Kentish Family


Live art and performance company Big One Little One are performing a show called ‘We always wanted to be professional dancers’ during PICK ME UP: A MICROFESTIVAL OF LIVE ART PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCES and we'd love you to be involved.

The show is all about childhood dreams - all the things you wanted to do when you grew up but maybe didn’t get the chance to do. It’s a very celebratory, silly, fun show. There’s more information about it here.

The show ends with a big finale that is a sort of all-in, over the top situation with a choir and clapping and audience involvement. And that’s where you come in. We want you to be part of our choir.

There’s no need to have any previous experience at all or even to be able to sing. At all. We’re just looking for lots of voices to make the ending fun, uplifting, wonderful and a little bit silly. The more people the better!

You would be performing a song that’s been written especially for the show by Bathurst musicians Abby Smith and Sophie Jones, who will be singing most of the verses and leading the choir. They’re lovely and wonderful - this is their website here.

If you’d like the be involved, this is when we would need you:

For one rehearsal:
You would be required for one rehearsal from 5pm to 8pm on Tuesday 29 November at ATYP Studios (Pier 4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay)

For four performances:
6:30pm for a 7pm show. Finish at 8:30pm
Wednesday 30 November (plus you're invited to Opening Night party after the show!)
Thursday 1 December
Friday 2 December
Saturday 3 December
at ATYP Studios (Pier 4/5 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay)

If you think it’s something you might be interested in (or if you have any questions) let us know by emailing us at

We’d love to have you on board! And also feel free to rope in/forward this info on to anyone else you think might be interested! 

If you're thinking, "singing isn't for me but I'd love to see this show!" you can buy tickets and see more information by clicking here.

Lots of love from Big One Little One X